Boiler Rentals

Burner Combustion Offers WARE Boilers

We are a proud partner of WARE.  Their dedication to the boiler rental industry allows us to offer our users the largest mobile boiler fleet in the United States. WARE’s quick turn-around and top of the line boiler equipment can be combined with our technical and water treatment capabilities to provide a seamless transaction for emergency or planned steam outages.

State of the Art Mobile Boiler Room Technology

At Burner Combustion Systems, our partnership with WARE allows us specialize in boiler rentals. It’s been our passion to provide state-of-the-art mobile boiler room technology and unequaled customer service and support to our boiler rental customers for over fifty years. Our experience in the field makes our boiler rental service second to none across the industrial boiler industry. If your facility has a need for an industrial boiler of any size or capacity, you can bet that we can provide it, and WARE has exactly the boiler for the job.

Any Size Boiler Rental

At Burner Combustion Systems, our partnership with WARE allows us to deliver skid-mounted and trailer-mounted boiler systems as well as mobile boiler rooms in a variety of pressure ranges. From 30 horsepower to 250,000 pounds per hour, you can be certain that choosing WARE means choosing any size boiler rental to meet your needs. And no matter when the need strikes your business, day or night, our respected boiler rental staff will deliver to your location to get your boiler system up and running, 24 hours a day.

Boiler Rentals When You Need It

Whether your business needs a rental boiler during a facility expansion, a plant shut down, facility renovation or remediation, or as a substitute during your boiler’s annual inspection, Burner Combustion Systems and WARE can make sure your rental is there when you need it. Our boiler rental services include:

  • 24/7 Delivery and support
  • Start up service
  • Pre-installation consultation
  • Operator training
  • Turnkey installations
We also offer super-high-efficiency boiler systems. We’ll be happy to provide information regarding super-high-efficiency boiler system upon request.


mobile boiler room rental

WARE has the largest mobile boiler room fleet in the United States. A mobile boiler room is an ideal choice for long-term renovations and projects that demand organization, convenience and self-sufficiency. You can be sure that the addition of a WARE mobile boiler room rental to your project will keep your business on track with minimal interruption.

Mobile Boiler Rooms – Boilers Protected from Inclement Weather

Mobile boiler rooms are completely enclosed, and ready to start work upon delivery. There’s no additional time or expense needed to dismount the system or protect it from inclement weather. The boiler equipment and all controls are already fixed inside the mobile boiler room and ready to use in an environment designed for comfort and convenience. Your WARE mobile boiler room also includes space for technicians to maintain records and perform other necessary administrative functions.

The Latest in Boiler Room Technology

All our mobile boiler rooms are outfitted with the latest in control technology in a variety of different pressure ranges and horsepower to fit your needs. Once you’ve chosen the strength of your mobile boiler, we offer many different options to customize the room to your specifications.

WARE mobile boiler room systems are available in the following specifications:

  • 50 hp to 650 hp Firetube boiler system
  • Dual Voltage on boilers 350 Hp and below
  • Variety of Pressure Ranges
  • Feedwater system / Deaerator
  • Backup Feedwater Pump
  • Natural Gas / #2 oil / propane fired
  • Heat/Light
Customize your mobile boiler room by choosing one of these options:
  • Hot water system
  • Ohio Special boiler
We understand the importance of getting business back on track, so your WARE mobile boiler quote is fast an easy. Contact us today and you could have your quote within the hour.


skid mounted boiler

WARE has a variety of skid mounted boiler systems available for both long and short-term boiler rentals.  Skid-mounted boiler systems are ideal for projects that are looking for an economical and optimized temporary boiler solution. A skid-mounted boiler is the perfect way to satisfy your industrial boiler needs any time, anywhere.

Skid Mounted Boiler Rentals – No Additional Equipment or Housing Needed

Because skid-mounted boiler rentals are secured to their skids, they are exceptionally mobile, and require no additional security or packing of equipment. In fact, skid-mounted boiler rentals have no additional housing or additional equipment needs, meaning they can be fully functional in less than half the space of a traditionally housed boiler. They’re perfect for supplying high-power, high-efficiency boilers to projects in environments where every square foot matters.

Skid-Mounted Boiler Systems Specifications

WARE skid-mounted boiler systems are available in the following specifications:

  • 30 HP up to 250,000 lbs/hr
  • Pressures up to 750 psi
  • Super heat up to 750°
  • Hot water systems
  • Low NOx
  • Deaerators
  • Water Softeners
  • Feedwater Systems
  • Heat Exchangers and Economizers
We have new skid-mounted units in stock and ready to be delivered. Auxiliary equipment is also available upon request. Contact us today for a fast turnaround on your quote so you can get back to business.


Along with our partnership with WARE, we are a leader in the trailer mounted boiler industry. We’ve been providing portable boiler solutions to our customers for over 35 years. A trailer mounted mobile boiler is the perfect way to take your industrial boiler needs with you on the road!

Trailer Mounted Boiler Rentals Transportation

The major benefit of choosing a trailer mounted boiler for your industrial heating needs is transportation. Because the boiler is secured to a trailer, it is easily transported between projects with minimal installation or downtime. You’ll save time and money by simply delivering your trailer-mounted rental boiler, attaching minimal additional equipment and getting back to business.  There’s no need to deal with the hassle of loading and unloading the boiler itself.

Trailer Mounted Boilers Built to ABMA Guidelines

WARE trailer mounted boilers are built to ABMA guidelines, and are available in the following specifications:

  • 50 HP up to 75,000 lbs / hr
  • Pressures up to 750 psi
  • Heat Capabilities up to 750°
  • Low NOx
  • Hot Water Systems
  • Deaerators
  • Water Softeners
  • Feedwater Systems
  • Heat Exchangers and Economizers
Burner Combustion Systems has super-efficient trailer mounted boiler units in stock and ready to be delivered. Auxiliary equipment is also available upon request. Contact us today for a fast turnaround on your quote so you can get back to business.

Boiler Rentals: Temporary Heating Solutions for Businesses

Are you in need of a reliable heating solution for your business? Look no further than boiler rentals from Burner Combustion Systems! Whether you are facing a heating emergency, planning for a temporary event, or simply need an efficient heating system during peak seasons, boiler rentals can be the perfect answer to your heating needs.

Boiler rentals from Burner Combustion Systems provide businesses with the opportunity to have a temporary heating solution without the need for a significant investment in purchasing and maintaining a boiler. With flexible rental terms, you can easily adjust the duration of the rental based on their specific needs.

Temporary heating solutions, like boiler rentals, play a crucial role in various industries. From construction sites and industrial projects to hospitality events and commercial spaces, having a reliable and efficient heating system is essential in ensuring the comfort and productivity of workers, customers, and guests.

Don’t let heating issues disrupt your operations or affect the comfort of your employees and customers. Explore the benefits of boiler rentals from Burner Combustion Systems and experience the convenience of having a temporary heating solution tailored to your business needs.

Overview of Boiler Rentals

A. Definition and Functionality of Boilers

A boiler is a device that provides heat and hot water by heating water or generating steam. It plays a crucial role in various industries and residential settings where a constant and reliable source of heat is required.

  • Types of Boilers: Boilers can be categorized into steam boilers and hot water boilers. Steam boilers utilize heat to transform water into steam, while hot water boilers heat water for various applications.
  • Industrial Uses: Boilers are employed in diverse industrial settings, including power plants, manufacturing facilities, and refineries. They are essential for processes such as power generation, heating, and sterilization.
  • Other Applications: Apart from industrial contexts, boilers are also utilized in residential buildings, hotels, hospitals, and commercial spaces to provide hot water and central heating.

B. Advantages of Boiler Rentals

Renting boilers from Burner Combustion Systems offers numerous advantages compared to purchasing one outright. Consider the following benefits:

  • Flexibility: Renting boilers provides the flexibility to meet changing needs. Businesses can adjust the size and capacity of boilers to match project requirements.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Renting is a cost-effective solution as it eliminates the upfront expenses associated with purchasing a boiler. It also helps avoid maintenance, repair, and replacement costs, providing long-term savings.
  • Short-Term and Emergency Solutions: Boiler rentals are particularly useful for short-term or emergency heating needs. They offer a temporary yet efficient solution to address unexpected breakdowns or increased demand during peak seasons.

Boiler Repair and Planned Maintenance Services

Regular maintenance by Burner Combustion Systems is crucial for the optimal performance and longevity of boilers. Neglecting boiler maintenance can have serious consequences that can impact the efficiency and reliability of the equipment.

By overlooking routine maintenance, you risk encountering issues such as decreased efficiency, increased energy consumption, and even complete system failure. Moreover, neglecting maintenance can lead to costly repairs or the need for a premature boiler replacement.

Planned maintenance contracts offer numerous benefits for rented boilers. With regular inspections and servicing, potential breakdowns can be identified and addressed before they become major problems. This proactive approach helps to minimize downtime and ensure uninterrupted operations.

By opting for a planned maintenance contract, you can enjoy the convenience and peace of mind that comes with knowing your boiler is being taken care of by professionals. These contracts provide you with scheduled visits from experienced technicians to inspect and service your rented boiler, ensuring its optimal performance.

In addition to planned maintenance services, reliable emergency repair services are also of great significance. Boiler emergencies can happen unexpectedly, and having access to prompt response and assistance is crucial to minimize downtime.

Burner Combustion Systems understands the importance of minimizing disruptions and ensuring uninterrupted operations. We offer emergency repair services that are available 24/7, ensuring that any issues with your rented boiler are promptly addressed, reducing the risk of significant business disruptions.

Energy-Efficient Boiler Rentals

When it comes to boiler rentals, efficiency is key. Not only does an energy-efficient boiler help reduce costs, but it also minimizes your environmental impact. Let’s explore the importance of energy efficiency and the various options available for rental.

A. Importance of Energy Efficiency

  1. By choosing energy-efficient boilers for your rental needs, you can enjoy both environmental and cost-related advantages. These boilers are designed to optimize fuel consumption, resulting in significant savings on your energy bills while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
  2. Energy-efficient solutions play a crucial role in reducing your carbon footprint. By using boilers that maximize fuel efficiency, you can minimize the release of harmful pollutants into the atmosphere, helping to combat climate change and promote a greener future.

B. Energy-Efficient Boiler Options

  1. When it comes to energy-efficient boiler rentals, you have a wide range of options to choose from. Whether you need a high-pressure steam boiler or a hot water boiler, there are energy-efficient models available to suit your specific requirements.
  2. These boilers come equipped with advanced features that promote energy efficiency. From enhanced insulation to intelligent combustion control systems, these technologies help reduce fuel consumption and emissions, ensuring a more sustainable operation.
  • Reduced Fuel Consumption: Energy-efficient boilers are designed to extract maximum heat from the fuel source, minimizing wastage and optimizing energy utilization.
  • Lower Emissions: By efficiently burning fuel, these boilers produce fewer harmful emissions, contributing to improved air quality and reduced environmental impact.
  • Enhanced Control Systems: Energy-efficient boilers are equipped with intelligent control systems that continuously monitor and adjust the combustion process to maintain optimal efficiency.

By choosing energy-efficient boiler rentals from Burner Combustion Systems, you can not only meet your temporary heating needs but also contribute to a sustainable future. Contact us today to explore our wide range of energy-efficient options available for rental.

Boiler rentals offer a convenient and cost-effective solution for temporary heating needs. We have discussed the various aspects of boiler rentals, including the overview, services offered, repair and maintenance, and energy-efficient options. Here is a summary of why you should rent your boiler from Burner Combustion Systems:

  • Boiler rentals provide a temporary heating solution without the need for a long-term investment.
  • Rental boiler services include installation, maintenance, and emergency support.
  • Boiler repair and planned maintenance services ensure reliable and efficient operation.
  • Energy-efficient boiler rentals help reduce energy consumption and lower costs.

These benefits extend to various industries and heating needs, making boiler rentals a versatile option. Whether it’s for construction sites, events, or temporary facilities, renting a boiler can meet the heating requirements efficiently.

We encourage you to consider rental solutions for your temporary heating needs. By opting for boiler rentals, you can avoid the upfront cost of purchasing and maintaining a boiler, and instead have access to reliable and efficient heating on-demand.