Boiler Room Parts

Burner Combustion Systems offers boiler room parts from companies like Sage Metering, Miura, Selco, and CBW. Learn more about about the boiler room parts we offer, such as the Sage Prime Thermal Mass Flow Meter, Miura’s next-generation water softener, Selco seal gaskets, CBW economizers, Industrial Positive Pressure boiler stacks, and boiler feed systems and deaeration systems from Lockwood Products.

Sage Metering

Sage Prime is the top selling meter in our Product Line. The Sage Prime Thermal Mass Flow Meter features a bright, high contrast, photo-emissive OLED (Organic LED) display of Flow Rate, Total and Temperature in a robust, yet lightweight, dual-sided NEMA 4 enclosure. The Flow Rate is also displayed graphically in a horizontal bar graph format. The rear compartment is completely separated from the electronics, and has large, easy-to-access, well marked terminals, for ease of customer wiring. It is powered by 24VDC (12VDC optional, or 115/230VAC). The power dissipation is under 2.5 watts (e.g. under 100 mA at 24VDC).

MW Water Softener

Miura’s next-generation MW system is the most advanced answer to a highly softened water supply
Miura’s new MW regeneration process is designed to deliver a more consistent, highly softened water supply, with the added reliability of double tank alternation, our system integrated Colormetry hardness detector, and a control panel that interfaces with Miura’s MOM and ER dashboard systems.

Selco Seal Gaskets

We offer you a leakfree system, not just a gasket. Our Selco Seal® design is modern and superior to all other forms of sealing. Our seal is as good as a weld. Metal to metal seal, no over stressing of bolts and high unit load on sealing material. Our standard sealing element, flexible graphite, is a true high temperature non-asbestos replacement. Once you install it, you can forget about it. Our design eliminates cold flow of TFE and fugitive emissions. No re-torqueing, one less problem for maintenance. (

CBW Economizers

Burner Combustion Systems offers CBW Economizers, such as feed water heaters, super heaters, heavy duty economizers, vent condensers, steam accumulators, and heat exchangers.

Boiler Stacks

Burner Combustion Systems offers boiler stacks such as the IPPL model Industrial Positive Pressure boiler stack. It is a double wall stainless steel chimney with 2″ air space.

Boiler Feed Systems Lockwood Products

Burner Combustion Systems offers boiler feed systems from Lockwood Products, such as the Type B close coupled, bronze fitted, turbine pumps. We also offer Type BMX, which are Close Coupled, Centrifugal Pumps. Type A Base Mounted, Bronze Fitted Turbine Pumps, Type G Vertical Multi-Stage, Stainless Steel Fitted Centrifugal Pumps, and Type VCM Close Coupled, Centrifugal Pumps are also available.

Deaeration Systems Lockwood Products

Burner Combustion Systems offers Deaeration Systems from Lockwood Products. We offer the Type SS – 0.005cc/Liter deaeration system, the Type ST – 0.005cc/Liter, the Type AS – 0.03cc/Liter, the Type AD – 0.03cc/Liter, and the Type AD – 0.005cc/Liter deaeration system.