Webster Burners

Webster Burners

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JB Series

JB Series burners begin at 400 MBH input rating and go up to 12,600 MBH for light to heavy commercial applications. These multi-fuel burners are available in either the Cyclonetic or Cyclonox (low NOx) configurations


HD Series burners are engineered for heavy commercial and industrial applications, ranging from 12,600 MBH to 40,300 MBH input ratings. HD Series burners are designed for each specific application and can be installed

 in vertical, horizontal, left or right hand position. RV denotes Register Venturi technology featuring individually adjustable register vanes. This feature provides performance and versatility never before achievable in register burner packages.


The HDS or High Swirl burner is specifically engineered for Scotch Marine Firetube boiler, using the cylindrical furnace to contain the flame with a high swirl action. This product is available in 200 to 1200 HP sizes, firing gas, oil and combination gas/oil.


The HDR_RF series is designed for Waterturbe Boilers from 10,000 to 200,000 MBH and Firetube Boilers from 1,000 to 2,600 HP. The HDR-RF series are full register burners which allow for high turndown (up to 10:1 on gas) and the flame shaping necessary to fit diffrent furnace configurations.