Boiler Services

Mobile Boiler Services

Emergency Service

We always have someone on call 24/7 for emergency calls and repairs. Just call our main number 281-324-3200 after hours and you will be routed to an on-call technician.

Preventative Maintenance

From tune-ups to inspections preventative maintenance programs are designed to keep your system running efficiently and consistently.

Full Service Contracts

Let us take responsibility for technical issues and problems with flat monthly fee contracts including preventative maintenance and emergency service.

Control Upgrades

Want to get more out of your current boiler while increasing safety? Learn about the latest burner management systems and control strategies.

Combustion Analysis and Tuning

A simple and cost effective routine service to make sure your boiler’s burner is operating at its highest efficiency.

Annual Inspections

Annual and periodic state or insurance inspections are required but also offer an opportunity to assess the performance of your system and make appropriate changes.

Steam Surveys

From steam trap assessments to temperature analysis, let us review your operation and identify and prioritize an action plan.

Efficiency Analysis

This can take the form of a simple gas volume analysis to a full blown data logging session to determine the boiler’s actual efficiency.

Safety/ Interlock Checks

There is nothing more important than the safe operation of your equipment. Controls can be tested periodically to insure proper functionality.

Third Party Emissions Testing & Certification

Depending on the location and size of your boiler, there may be a requirement for emissions certification. We offer this service through Erthwrks.

Boiler Installations

From burner retrofits to full blow steam plant installations we can manage mechanical services turn-key or process specific.

Turnkey Water Treatment

Through or subsidiary IBH Labs, we offer a comprehensive water treatment solution that incorporates other technical and service aspects or our company. Our model aligns the interests of our users with ours.

Online Monitoring

Whether using the Miura Online Maintenance system or other third party monitoring hardware, allow us to help you over the phone, avoiding call outs if possible.

Boiler Rentals

Learn more about our Boiler rentals.