Ace Heating Solutions Boilers

Ace Heating Solutions Boilers

Ace Heating Solutions, LLC. designs and manufactures a comprehensive line of boiler and commercial water heating products. With over eight decades of experience, the company offers high quality, heavy duty products with reputations for reliability, serviceability, and cost effective operation.

Ace Series Heating Equipment

  1. Applications:
    The Ace Series can be used in a variety of applications which include apartments, motels, school dormitories, hospitals and restaurants.
  2. Features and Benefits
    1. Fully Non-Ferrous Waterways: all wetted surfaces are copper, bronze or brass.
    2. Long life Copper Fin Coil: Uniform flow, no hot spots and less liming. Cone coil maintains its shape – no tube sagging
    3. Maximized Energy Transfer: “Extended Surface” copper fin tube heat exchanger extracts the maximums amount of heat.
    4. Reliable, Efficient Burner: Atmospheric cast-iron burner maximizes efficiency and reliability.
    5. Compact Cylindrical Design: Small footprint requires minimum installation space.
    6. Modern, Functional Finish: Mirror finish stainless steel jacket looks great now and for years to come.
    7. Lower Installation Cost: Unit comes completely plumbed and wired. Its compact vertical design gives it a minimal footprint.
    8. Package systems available through 9,000,000 BTU/Hr. 320-14400 GPH at 60°F temp. rise
    9. Impervious to “Thermal Shock”
    10. Natural Gas or propane fired
    11. Minimal Maintenance required for Operation

Heat Exchangers and Tube Bundles

Ace Heating Solutions’ exchangers perform dependably and quietly, offering a variety of water heating solutions. Quality U-tube bundles provide uniform heat transfer, resulting in high thermal efficiency and long exchanger life.

    1. Optimized design for best heat transfer performance in steam, water and HTW exchanger type heaters
    2. Wide variety of models to suit your specific need:
      1. Single-wall or double-wall tube bundle
      2. 150 psig working pressure design
      3. Copper, cupro-nickel 90/10, or stainless steel tubing
      4. Coil sizes from 4″ up to 30″ on selected models
      5. Carbon steel or stainless steel tubesheet and cap
    3. Carbon steel, copper, cupro-nickel or stainless steel tube bundles available
    4. Shells and channels in carbon steel or stainless steel
    5. Tube bundles up to 28″ diameter x 15′ long
    6. ASME Section VIII constructed shell
    7. Available in single-wall or vented double-wall construction
    1. Custom exchangers per customer specification
    2. Fully packaged units, with valves, trim, circulators, etc.

Mini Packs

As one of Ace Boiler’s most successful products, the Ace Series Mini-Pack features total rust free construction with austenitic stainless and copper for all domestic water contact surfaces, providing high quality, low maintenance, and an extremely cost-effective domestic water heating package.

  1. Features
    1. Single or double-wall copper tubing construction
    2. Completely packaged, ready for hook-up
    3. All solid non-ferrous construction on potable water side. Solid austenitic stainless steel shell with copper tubes
    4. Vertical or horizontal models available
    5. Tube bundle readily accessible without moving heater, shell or foundation (excluding double-wall vertical model)
    6. Compact design requires less floor space
    7. Mirror finish stainless steel jacket
    8. Self-operated, pneumatic or electric control valves are available.
    9. All trim items such as steam traps, isolating valves, gauges, etc.
  2. Options
    1. Custom package available
    2. Cupro Nickel or Stainless Steel tubing
    3. Vented double-wall tubing, as required for cross-contamination prevention by the National Plumbing Code, is now mandatory in several states and cities. The ACE double-wall mini-pack is a proven, practical way to comply with double-wall regulations.
    4. Extended 10 and 20 year warranties
    5. Nema 4 control boxes
    6. Double safety solenoid
  3. Performance
    1. Close temperature control ± 4°F at heater outlet
    2. Models accept boiler water, steam from 15 through 150 psig or high temperature hot water as heating medium
    3. Steam models provide condensate sub-cooling
    4. Standard sizes cover hot water output from 1 to 300 GPM simplifying size.
    5. Constructed and stamped to ASME BPV Code Section VIII

Packaged Storage Water Heaters

  1. Ace Temp Control System
    1. Senses blended water temperatures for instant smooth opening and closing of steam or boiler water control valve.
    2. Provides rapid response to the temperature and flow requirements of the cold water supply. The temperature control bulb in the circulating line senses immediate change in the temperature of the stored water. Also eliminates delays due to length bleed line.
    3. Eliminates excessive cycling of the control valve, which can occur when short bursts of cold water are flushed over an immersed sensor bulb.
  2. Features:
    1. Storage section constructed and stamped to ASME BPV Section VIII
    2. Glass-lined tank standard
    3. Single or double-wall “U” tube bundle readily accessible for maintenance
    4. Steam, high temperature water or boiler water is used as the heating medium through tubes
    5. Vertical or horizontal models
    6. Self-operating, pneumatic or electric control valve available
    7. 72″ x 9′ long (2250gallons) maximum (larger sizes available)
    8. Primer finished
    9. Completely packaged, ready for hook-up
    10. Unlined
  3. Options:
    1. Cement or Pre-Krete
    2. Insulating and jacketing packages – mirror finish stainless steel jacket
    3. Stripped storage water heater – All controls / No insulation or jacket
  4. Performance:
    1. Outlet water temperature to:
    2. 160°F Max – glass lining
    3. 180°F Max – cement lining
    4. 350°F Max – Pre-Krete lining
    5. Standard maximum allowable storage section working pressure 125 psig (150 psig available)
    6. Tube bundle maximum allowable working pressure 150 psig standard, optional to 450 psig

Storage Tanks and Calorifiers

Through its Ace series, the Ace Boiler specializes in the design and manufacture of A.S.M.E. code “hot water storage” tanks for all types of volume hot water requirements.  Popular as “calorifiers” and priced competitively, these units offer long-lasting use.

  1. Features:
    1. 24″ – 42″ diameter, all sizes from stock
    2. ASME Section IV glass-lined (125 psig MAWP)
    3. ASME Section VIII glass-lined (125 psig MAWP) cement-lined or Pre-Krete-lined (125 psig MAWP)
    4. Glass-lined tanks are supplied with magnesium anodes and are suitable for potable water
    5. Cement lined tanks use ACE ATAHCO cement 1/4″ to 3/4″ thick for potable water up to 180°F max. temperature
    6. Pre-Krete lined tanks use Pre-Krete G-8 lining 5/8″ thick for soft water, acidic water and steam condensate up to 350°F
    7. Vertical or horizontal models available
  2. Options:
    1. ACE tanks may be packaged with valves, level controls, piping and or other ACE products.
    2. Pipe or angle legs and tank rings (vertical) and loose or fixed saddles (horizontal)
    3. Insulating packages including mirror finish steel jacket
  3. Tank Linings:
    1. Ace Glass:  Porcelain Glass Enamel
    2. Cement:  Heavy duty, resists cracking, good for temps to 180° F
    3. Unlined:  Low cost storage for non-potable & non-sanitary water.
    4. Pre-Krete:  Suitable for soft, acidic, or low pH water.
    5. Stainless Steel:  Suitable for very soft, acidic, or high pH water

Unfired Steam Boilers and Steam Generators

Ace boilers perform dependably and quietly, engineered to meet specific steam needs for industrial, institutional and commercial facilities with special steam requirements and point-of-use steam needs.  A proven solution over the last 35 years, the quality u-tube bundles provide uniform heat transfer, resulting in high thermal efficiency and long boiler life.  Double-wall bundles are available. Typical heating media for applications include steam, high temperature water, and ther

mal fluids. Installed in Universities, Hospitals, Hotels and Industrial Buildings, these units are offered as slim-style units (shown at right), and horizontal tank units (shown below).

  1. Process Steam: Unfired steam boilers are used to protect fired boilers from harmful chemicals in the return condensate, such as in pulp and paper processing. Unfired steam boiler tube bundles and/or drum can be fabricated using materials that will be cost effective for the process steam condition. These can range from copper tube bundles and pressure vessel quality steel to tube bundles made from cupro-nickel or stainless steel tubing and drums fabricated with stainless steel.
  2. Clean Steam: Clean steam unfired steam boilers provide clean steam by using feed water that is free from boiler water treatment chemicals. Clean steam is used by the food industry for cooking and cleaning and is also used for many sterilization and humidification applications.
  3. Pure Steam: More and more applications are requiring ultra-pure steam for sterilization in Bio-science research, pharmaceutical research and/or processing, medical sterilization and high-tech clean room humidity control. Pure steam boilers are normally fabricated with special high quality stainless steel pressure vessel material and components to handle the aggressive feedwater used in these applications.

Ace Series Hot Water Boilers

  1. Design: Ace started with the inclined watertube boiler design concept.  This design has an extremely low pressure drop, minimal impact on system pump sizing, and normally does not require primary/secondary piping configuration.  The incline of the tubes prevents air accumulation and the associated waterside corrosion.  To prevent thermal shock, Ace has incorporated expansion joints at each corner to allow the tube bundle to float freely as it expands and contracts
  2. Emissions:
    1. Maintenance with Ace Heating Solutions, LLC. has always been at the forefront of meeting regulatory standards for emissions.  Being located in Southern California has enabled Ace to see where the emissions standards are headed and their R&D department has kept ahead of those standards.  Currently, Ace has burner designs to meet 9, 12, 20, or 30 ppm NOx requirements and 50 ppm CO requirements.
    2. From a maintenance perspective, there is a lot to like about the Ajax inclined watertube boilers. This design allows for visual inspection of the tubes, which can also be mechanically cleaned in place.  Tube replacement is with low cost, non-proprietary tubeswhich are rolled into place without the need of an ASME code welder.
  3. Conclusion
    1. Ace manufactures the inclined watertube boilers in sizes from 150,000 to 21,000,000 Btu/hr and for maximum pressures and temperatures of 125 psig/250°F or 150 psig/370°F.  The Ace inclined watertube boiler has earned its bullet proof reputation and is designed to last for many decades.
    2. Ace Heating Solutions, LLC. designs and manufactures a comprehensive line of boiler and commercial water heating products. With over eight decades of experience, the company offers high quality, heavy duty products with reputations for reliability, serviceability, and cost effective operation.

Near Condensing Boilers “WC” Series

The Ace WC series – near condensing steel boilers- deliver a powerful performance with consistent <9 ppm emissions for NO, NOx, and CO.  The units can be delivered with the Ace Management System (AMS), which has the Smart Boiler Control System™ built into it, ready for remote monitoring and analysis. These units give you the rugged “bullet-proof” quality Ace has built its reputation on, while delivering up to 86% Thermal Efficiency with a 6:1 turndown ratio.

Atlas Series: High Efficiency Condensing Boilers

Over the past several years, the Atlas product team has developed the flagship Atlas Series condensing boiler. Throughout the process, they have studied the marketplace, listened to the needs of end users, and sought valuable input from representatives. The results are impressive!

The Atlas Series boiler combines solid engineering and innovative design with the highest quality components in the industry. With a thermal efficiency of 98%, fully modulated up to 7.5:1 turndown, and a sealed combustion chamber, the Atlas Series boilers offer feature rich, high performance, low NOx operation.

The Atlas Series condensing boiler is now available in 7 models with a variety of options and upgrades. Please contact your local sales representative for complete product specifications, product literature, and technical documentation.

  1. Features:
    1. 98% thermal efficiency
    2. Up to 7.5 to 1 turndown
    3. Fully modulating PID controller
    4. Zero-clearance installation sides & top
    5. Brushed aluminum steel & enameled jacket
    6. Clip-on panels for easy access
    7. Front removable coil assembly for easy serviceability
    8. Single pass coil construction allows for complete deliming
    9. Sealed combustion chamber for increased efficiency and reduce emissions
    10. ETL listed to UL 795 and CAN1-3.1
    11. CSD-1 compliant (IRI and FM optional)

Atlas Series: Triton High Efficiency Near Condensing Boiler

  1. Features
    1. Up to 86% Thermal Efficiency
    2. Up to 7:1 Turndown
    3. Double Row, Double Pass, High Finned Copper Finned Heat Exchanger
    4. Air cooled Interrupted Pilot w/ UV Scanner
    5. Full modulation, Consistent Emissions with NOx <9 ppm and Clean Light Off
    6. Small Footprint
    7. Heavy 18 gauge steel cabinet with highest quality UV-rated powder coated finish
  2. Advanced Controls
    1. Triton Series™ near condensing boilers feature Honeywell’s advanced SOLA controls. SOLA provides the user with full control of boiler settings from a single, user friendly interface. By integrating numerous functions into a single compact device, SOLA offers an increased range of programming functionality while reducing the need for excessive wiring and cutting installation time.   Among the many programmable features are flame safeguard, pump control, central heating / domestic hot water high limits, PID load control and operating controls. SOLA’s advanced capabilities and numerous programming options allow you to increase efficiency, lower your fuel costs and emissions, and reduce your environmental impact.
    2. To further enhance user control and functionality, the Triton Series™ comes standard with the enhanced SOLA display. This high-resolution touch screen display provides the user with easy and quick access to all of the system’s features and capabilities, putting all of the SOLA controller’s functions within easy reach of the operator.