Modular Steam: Miura Modular On-Demand Boiler Systems

MI System (for multiple installations)

Multiple Installation System
On-Demand performance + modular scalability for large applications

  • Customize plant size to specific needs
  • Automatically stage boilers to meet demand fluctuations
  • Save 20% on average in annual fuel costs
  • Provide equivalent boiler capacity in less than half the space
  • Reduce CO2 and NOx emissions
  • Ideal for a wide range of applications from point-of-use to district energy

Features Efficiency Logic Technology


Utilize modularity to bring On-Demand steam performance to large scale applications

Conventional System

Significant wasted energy emissions at load swings

  • Conventional boiler systems expend large amounts of energy to meet variable load conditions
  • Design limitations of conventional boilers prevent them from efficiently responding to fluctuating load demands

Modular On-Demand Systems

Significant reduced energy & emissions at load swings

  • Modular on-demand boiler systems reduce energy consumption required to meet variable loads by dividing the output capacity among multiple small units
  • Modular systems are designed specifically to meet varying load demands

Miura’s MI System relies on a robust boiler control system consisting of the MP1 “master” controller and individual MT1 “slave” terminals at each modular boiler unit. The master controller monitors steam demand through a steam sensor at the header and utilizes sophisticated software to optimize the staging sequence of individual boilers for best overall system efficiency. The MI system software includes a variety of pre-set controls for load management of a diversity of applications with additional potential for customization of settings to precisely match sitespecific requirements.

Whether you’re seeking to address small, point-ofuse applications or larger centralized/district energy applications, a Multiple Installation of Miura boilers is the answer. A single MI master controller can handle up to fifteen linked modular boilers with outputs of up to 150 MMBtu/hr (4,500 BHP). For larger applications, several controllers can be linked together.

By utilizing multiple, linked master controllers, there’s virtually no limit to the size of the application that can be accommodated by a modular array, and do so while optimized for the highest possible efficiency.