Steam Assurance – 1

Remove the risk and increase efficiency with our Steam-as-a-Service offering. Our turnkey solution will provide:

  • Maintenance & Repair
  • Monitoring
  • Inspections
  • Water Treatment
  • Testing
  • Training

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Steam Assurance

Steam Assurance is an agreement where BCS will take responsibility for the ongoing maintenance and upkeep of your steam plant. For a monthly fee, this includes:

  • Periodic combustion analysis and tuning
  • Periodic interlock and safety controls testing
  • Troubleshooting shutdowns and alarms
  • Parts replacements as required
  • Ongoing water treatment services including supply of chemicals, testing, and adjusting
  • Ongoing salt services for pre-treatment
  • Annual opening and closing and state/insurance inspections
  • Annual relief valve testing and certification if required
  • Remote monitoring with 4 hour or less call outs
  • Complete Recommended Spare Parts inventory held at BCS locations and onsite
  • Consumable replacements such as filters and reagents
  • Training as needed